Making it Happen

I’m not athletic at all. My family has a monopoly on hand-eye coordination (we can talk about my time as a waterpolo player later. It’s quite amusing.) My sister is the funniest woman I’ve ever met, and she’s also an excellent seamstress. My father, to put it simply, is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met.

My mother, in particular, has had a significant impact on my life. She claims that she doesn’t know where my artistic side comes from, but I can tell you – it’s all because of her. I’ve always been making things as a child.

I recall crushing rose petals from my mother’s garden with my sister, believing we could make them into perfume, and then we’d be rich. We gave up quite quickly when it became clear that the only place we were going to get essential oils from was a pharmacy.

Later on in life (I don’t recall how old I was; around six or seven years old), my mother picked up pottery as a hobby.

This was mostly because my mother is a brilliant painter, so I would go to craft fairs and offer whatever creation I had been working on (if you wanted an embroidery floss-wrapped pencil in 1994, I was your girl). The list just goes on. In college, I intended to pursue a career in media research.

Only, I moved with my husband and immediately realized that sitting in an office was no longer for me. I had to be able to use my hands and make something. For many years, I tried photography but eventually discovered film photography again. But now that I’ve accepted flowers as a career, it’s hilarious that it didn’t dawn on me sooner

So, with the help of my awesome husband, terrific family, and talented buddies, I decided to take a chance and begin sharing this creative work with others. And I can honestly state that it feels wonderful. When I’m arranging blossoms, I feel at ease.

My husband hasn’t complained about any of the floral patterns I use throughout our home, so he is really encouraging me to fill our tiny home recording studio with even more flowers. I’m ecstatic you’re here and can’t wait to chat with you more.

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